Aerial Site Assessment Using Layered Technology

ASAULT℠ (Aerial Site Assessment Using Layered Technology) is an innovative site assessment process utilizing a combination of remote sensing technologies that are integrated and deployed on an aerial platform (e.g. helicopter and/or fixed wing aircraft). The utility of integrated, remote, site assessment (surface and subsurface) information associated with these technologies is unmatched and truly is a one-of-a-kind capability. The technologies in connection with this unique process have been tremendously effective in the remote assessment of infrastructure (i.e. pipelines, levees, bridges, subsurface tanks, etc.). This process provides these capabilities in a layered fashion, which allows our clients to only pay for the level of assessment necessary to solve their specific problem and to save money by only having necessary data processed.


ASAULT℠ Highlights

  • High resolution digital color imaging
  • High resolution thermal imager with custom airframe mount
  • Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) system capable of engineering quality measurements
  • Highly precise geo-positioning monitoring and recording

ASAULT℠ Advantages

  • Highly precise 3-D surface asset (e.g. buildings, process units, structures, etc.) and ground topography models
  • Subsurface delineation or location of utilities, pipelines, pipeline leaks, or any buried structure
  • Enables the identification, classification, and scheduling of subsurface maintenance or repair work such that larger issues are addressed first
  • All deliverable products provided with precise geo-location information imbedded into image files