Free Remediation Engineering Evaluation

“I don't care how much money you have; free stuff is always a good thing.”

RemQuest’s FREE program allows you to speak to an experienced, professional remediation engineer about your project to determine if an in-situ product solution should be considered in your clean-up plan.  Questions like:

  • How can I tell if I have potential offsite migration?
  • Am I dealing with a source-area?
  • Is monitored natural attenuation even a possibility?
  • How about a risk-based site closure?
  • I have multiple COCs to deal with. How would I begin?
  • How can I combine multiple technologies to save money and effort?
  • What about phytoremediation – is that an option I could consider?
  • How can I evaluate remediation cost proposals from different vendors?

Similar to a telemedicine conference, our engineer will listen to your project concerns and can suggest “drivers” that you should consider in your project planning.  Drivers like time, budget, speed and deadlines.

We can even provide simple forms/checklists to allow you to gather relevant information in your evaluation process. This could be the start of a successful project outcome.

To arrange for a confidential conference, please contact Wade Tucker, Executive Director of Business Innovations at 770-313-1270.