RemQuest takes a unique engineered approach to phytoremediation that we call EnPhySys℠. Typical phytoremediation systems simply rely on the vagaries of natural root development, which may limit the extent of the remedial effect. However, EnPhySys℠ incorporates a patented technology called the TreeWell® system. TEA has teamed with Applied Natural Sciences, Inc. (ANS), to implement engineered phytoremediation using ANS’ patented TreeWell®technology, which directs root growth and development to targeted vertical treatment areas of the subsurface to achieve desired results. This effective and flexible system can be used in conjunction with other remediation strategies to optimize the remedial effects of phytoremediation. This system is unique in that it manipulates the vegetation by promoting aggressive root development to the targeted area of concern.

Advantages of EnPhySys℠

  • Treats contaminated soil and groundwater to depths of 30 feet (or more)
  • Affects plume migration by hydraulically controlling groundwater at depths of 30 feet (or more)
  • Treats specific horizons of soil and groundwater
  • Treats DNAPL and similar contaminants by combining remedial strategies, such as adding SourceKill℠ to the TreeWell® system
  • Cost-effective
  • Environmentally friendly - aesthetically appealing
  • Approved by regulatory agencies
  • Appropriate for most geographical locations
  • Easily quantifiable
  • Low maintenance
  • Innovative, yet proven "green" technology


RemQuest has implemented numerous engineered phytoremediation projects over the last ten years in the United States and Canada with outstanding results. The EnPhySys℠ system is a unique and highly adaptable approach to phytoremediation that optimizes the inherent advantages of plant-based remediation.