SourceKill™ Accepted by Florida DEP Waste Management Division

Posted on October 27, 2021

TEA, Inc. is pleased to announce that its chlorinated solvent source treatment remediation product, SourceKill™, has been accepted by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP)Division of Waste Management (“Division”) for use at contaminated sites for remediation of groundwater and smear zone soil in the State of Florida.

SourceKill™ is a surfactant-stabilized, biodegradable, water-in-oil emulsion containing zero-valent iron particles and is based on NASA’s emulsified zero-valent iron (“EZVI”) product that was originally patented in 2001.  According to Dr. Brad Droy, President/CEO of TEA: “SourceKill™ is the premier, in-situ remediation product for treating source area contaminated groundwater. SourceKill tm is unique in that it targets source contamination after injection, providing rapid and cost-effective results as well as being compatible with other technologies such as bioaugmentation and bioremediation. “

Dr. Droy further states: “In 2005, TEA was NASA’s first licensee of the patent to manufacture and sell EZVI. Since that time, we have been continually improving the production output, reactivity and injectability of the emulsion.  To-date, we have been and continue to be the largest manufacturer of SourceKill™ in the US while we remain true to the original NASA patent formulation “

Wade Tucker, TEA’s Director of Business Innovations, affirms Dr. Droy’s words: “It is a great milestone to be on the Division’s list of accepted remediation products.  We are also successfully using SourceKill™ in many locations outside Florida as well.  The product performance has been phenomenal!”

The FDEP does not provide endorsement of specific    brand name products or processes. However, it does recognize the need to determine their acceptability from an environmental standpoint with respect to applicable rules and regulations, and the interests of public health and safety. 

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