SourceKill℠ - DNAPL Source Destroyer

Posted on June 17, 2020

TEA, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of SourceKill℠, an in-situ, DNAPL source remediation injectable emulsion.  SourceKill℠ is TEA’s enhanced version of NASA’s emulsified zero-valent iron (EZVI), patented product. When time of performance and budget are critical project factors, SourceKill℠ will deliver for you.

SourceKill℠ is offered via TEA’s Product Division, RemQuest.

According to TEA President and CEO, Dr. Brad Droy: “SourceKill℠ is the culmination of our fifteen years of successful experience working with EZVI and groundwater remediation. As the first NASA licensee to manufacture EZVI, TEA has continually enhanced the emulsion and streamlined the manufacturing processes over the years.  SourceKill℠ brings a richer, zero-valent iron micelle, uses a more reactive ZVI (for faster reaction times) and uses a significantly improved manufacturing process to create a highly injectable emulsion.  All to benefit end-users with a proven, more reactive, solution...all delivered at a great price. “

SourceKill℠ has both national and international implementations.  It is delivered in totes or tankers.  TEA’s remediation engineers provide project support consultation regarding use, planning and implementation of SourceKill℠.

For more information about SourceKill℠, please contact Mr. Wade Tucker, Executive Director of Business Innovations at: 770.313.1270.